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Mika Rear Sprocket - Suzuki RM/RMX/RMZ/DRZ 125/250/350/450 (84-14)

Mika rear sprockets are machined from the highest quality alloy to to withstand the rigors of off-road racing. They are light, contain self cleaning grooves to improve sprocket life, and have a tooth design which allows for increased power transfer.

Mika Rear Sprocket - Suzuki RM/RMX/RMZ/DRZ 125/250/350/450 (84-14)





Mika Rear Sprocket - Suzuki RM/RMX/RMZ/DRZ 125/250/350/450 (84-14)

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SKU 6855028
MPN 70-1148
Weight 1.0000
Brand Mika Metals
1984 Suzuki RM1252005 Suzuki RM2502006 Suzuki DRZ350
1985 Suzuki RM1252006 Suzuki RM2502007 Suzuki DRZ350
1986 Suzuki RM1252007 Suzuki RM2502008 Suzuki DRZ350
1987 Suzuki RM1252008 Suzuki RM2502009 Suzuki DRZ350
1988 Suzuki RM1251984 Suzuki RMX2501997 Suzuki DRZ400
1989 Suzuki RM1251985 Suzuki RMX2501998 Suzuki DRZ400
1990 Suzuki RM1251986 Suzuki RMX2501999 Suzuki DRZ400
1991 Suzuki RM1251987 Suzuki RMX2502000 Suzuki DRZ400
1992 Suzuki RM1251988 Suzuki RMX2502001 Suzuki DRZ400
1993 Suzuki RM1251989 Suzuki RMX2502002 Suzuki DRZ400
1994 Suzuki RM1251990 Suzuki RMX2502003 Suzuki DRZ400
1995 Suzuki RM1251991 Suzuki RMX2502004 Suzuki DRZ400
1996 Suzuki RM1251992 Suzuki RMX2502005 Suzuki DRZ400
1997 Suzuki RM1251993 Suzuki RMX2502006 Suzuki DRZ400
1998 Suzuki RM1251994 Suzuki RMX2502007 Suzuki DRZ400
1999 Suzuki RM1251995 Suzuki RMX2502008 Suzuki DRZ400
2000 Suzuki RM1251996 Suzuki RMX2502009 Suzuki DRZ400
2001 Suzuki RM1251997 Suzuki RMX2502004 Suzuki RMZ 250
2002 Suzuki RM1251998 Suzuki RMX2502005 Suzuki RMZ 250
2003 Suzuki RM1251999 Suzuki RMX2502006 Suzuki RMZ 250
2004 Suzuki RM1252000 Suzuki RMX2502007 Suzuki RMZ250
2005 Suzuki RM1252001 Suzuki RMX2502008 Suzuki RMZ250
2006 Suzuki RM1252002 Suzuki RMX2502009 Suzuki RMZ250
2007 Suzuki RM1252003 Suzuki RMX2502010 Suzuki RMZ250
1984 Suzuki RM2502004 Suzuki RMX2502011 Suzuki RMZ250
1985 Suzuki RM2502005 Suzuki RMX2502012 Suzuki RMZ250
1986 Suzuki RM2502006 Suzuki RMX2502013 Suzuki RMZ250
1987 Suzuki RM2502007 Suzuki RMX2502014 Suzuki RMZ250
1988 Suzuki RM2502008 Suzuki RMX2502005 Suzuki RMZ450
1989 Suzuki RM2502001 Suzuki DRZ2502006 Suzuki RMZ450
1990 Suzuki RM2502002 Suzuki DRZ2502007 Suzuki RMZ450
1991 Suzuki RM2502003 Suzuki DRZ2502008 Suzuki RMZ450
1992 Suzuki RM2502004 Suzuki DRZ2502009 Suzuki RMZ450
1993 Suzuki RM2502005 Suzuki DRZ2502010 Suzuki RMZ450
1994 Suzuki RM2502006 Suzuki DRZ2502011 Suzuki RMZ450
1995 Suzuki RM2502007 Suzuki DRZ2502012 Suzuki RMZ450
1996 Suzuki RM2501997 Suzuki DRZ3502013 Suzuki RMZ450
1997 Suzuki RM2501998 Suzuki DRZ3502014 Suzuki RMZ450
1998 Suzuki RM2501999 Suzuki DRZ3502010 Suzuki RMZ450X
1999 Suzuki RM2502000 Suzuki DRZ3502011 Suzuki RMZ450X
2000 Suzuki RM2502001 Suzuki DRZ3502012 Suzuki RMZ450X
2001 Suzuki RM2502002 Suzuki DRZ3502013 Suzuki RMZ450X
2002 Suzuki RM2502003 Suzuki DRZ3502014 Suzuki RMZ450X
2003 Suzuki RM2502004 Suzuki DRZ350
2004 Suzuki RM2502005 Suzuki DRZ350